The basic rules of the new competition management system (explanation)

1st The participians qualify with a certain number of wins and drop out with a certain number of defeats.
2nd The system does not know the notion of draw, a win must be reached (through one or more matches).
3rd Every team plays with opponents from their own category.
4th Same category = Teams with the same amount of win and defeats.
5th Any deviation from point 3 is only possible in special cases.
6th If, according to pure mathematics, not eenough teams qualify, one or omre or the drop-out teams can be invited to remain in the competition (using a rule that selects the best of them).
The new competition system is as simple as these 6 points. And of these the audience only has to understand the first three points.

An example: on a competition with 32 participants, after the first round there will be 16 with a win and 16 with a lose.
I will use these notes to mark this    >>>                1-0 / 16
                                                                               0-1 / 16.

In the second round the 16 winners will play each-other (1-0)
and the result will be    >>>                                    2-0 / 8,
                                                                               1-1 / 8.
Furthermore, the 16 teams with a single defeat will also play with each other (0-1)
and the result will be    >>>                                   1-1 / 8,
                                                                               0-2 / 8,
which adds up to                    
                                                                               2-0 /  8,
                                                                               1-1 / 16,
                                                                               0-2 /  8,
In the third round there will be four matches between the 2-0 teams, eight between the 1-1 teams and four between the 0-2 teams. After this round we will have:
3-0 /  4,
2-1 / 12,
1-2 / 12,
0-3 /  4,

When a team reaches enough wins they qualify, if they collect enough defeats they drop out, but in between the two thresholds they constantly have a chance to qualify. It can not happen that a team with a prospect to qualify plays with a team that has already dropped out. The matches can be drawn at each round, for several rounds beforehand, or for the whole competition in advance. This system has the further advantages that the teams, except in the very first round, always get opponents with similar actual performance (their performance on the actual competition) and also that at the end of the competition it is possible to set up a full hierarchy of every participant based on their achievements.